Zatoichi: The Flower that Bloomed

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Season 1 Episode 2:  Zatoichi befriends a young boy named Tarokichi, who is the son of a wealthy merchant. Zatoichi generously agrees to take the boy to his father after learning that that the boy’s mother has died. Zatoichi and the boy soon find themselves being pursued by greedy Yakuza who aim to steal the boy and claim a reward for his return. The martial arts in this series, is really some of the best ever dne for a television series. The stories are creative and rich in character developement and plot detail. Its is masterfully directed and never takes you out of the moment. Great stuff and well worth your time. In many ways the TV show is better than the original movie. Please Enjoy! Thomas DiSanto

2 Responses to “Zatoichi: The Flower that Bloomed”

  1. charles Says:

    Love this Kung Fu Movie, it was full of hope.

  2. J Bombs Says:

    I agree short and sweet kung fu movie.