When The Last Sword is Drawn

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This film is one of the great Samurai movies. Our story begins with two seemingly unconnected persons (a modern, western-style doctor and an aging samurai) who discover they are inexplicably linked to a third man: Kanichiro Yoshimura.

The plot thickens when we gradually find out that one of the men (the doctor) only knows this man for his good side (unselfishness, family man, etc), while the other man (the aging samurai) only knows him for his bad side (greed, foolishness, cowardliness, etc). These two views are gradually combined into one consistent picture of the enigmatic Kanichiro Yoshimura: who would do anything, no matter how low, to support his family back home.

Kîchi Nakai is an incredible actor and Koichi Sato supports him in the best way during the film. Mibu gishi den is one of the few films that bring you both joy and sorrow. What makes the film so touching and significant is its realistic perspective; showing people with all their warts and flaws, their beauty, sorrow and triumphs. It captures the contradictory nature of humanity, the destroyer and creator.

Interestingly, we see Kanichiro Yoshimura as one of the crowd at first, we see him teaching in the classroom, we see him falling in love, we see him taking care of his kids. He’s so real… We can smell the poverty and desperation when the trouble strikes. And the destiny that takes him to Shinsen-gumi. He is so sincere and open hearted that he is not afraid of expressing his own feelings. Deep inside he carries the heart of a very noble and brave warrior.

Mibu gishi den’s characterizations are inspired, not only with Kanichiro and Saito Sensei, but also with the Kanichiro’s childhood friend who is a rich landlord and also with the doctor we meet in the beginning of the film. This film has it all and is rich historical details. Thomas DiSanto

8 Responses to “When The Last Sword is Drawn”

  1. Kung Fu Movies Says:

    […] When The Last Sword is Drawn: (http://watchkungfu.com/kung-fu/when-the-last-sword-is-drawn) […]

  2. ssjsned Says:

    looks really good too bad it dosent have subtitles i would have loved to have watched it

  3. Sensei Says:

    Editor’s Note: This film does contain subtitles. Not sure what you mean?

  4. ssjsned Says:

    your right for some reason when i was sent to hulu it didnt have subs but i later learned i could turn them on by hitting the CC (closed captions) tab next to the volume control. excelent movie a must see thanks Senei and thanks watchkungfu.com!

  5. ssjsned Says:

    *Sensei – my bad

  6. charles Says:

    Love this kung fu movie, great film!

  7. it was the most beautifull movie i ever seen i love japanese movie thank you Says:

    The meaning of life is all about sacrifice to their love one and their country thank to this movie ,learning is passionate and experience in life.

  8. lonewolf n cub Says:

    oh yea good stuff, i dream of finding kung fu movies like this.

    thank you so much