The Real Bruce Lee

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The Real Bruce Lee is back in this mash up of early footage found in the Chinese archives. This feature also stars the sensational DRAGON LEE, and of course that master of all things bruceploitation – BRUCE LI.

This is really a half-hour documentary about Bruce, followed by a full-length Kung Fu feature called The Ultimate Lee that’s lays claim to being theĀ  next scheduled movie Bruce was to have done before is untimely death.

The first half-hour is where this feature really shines as we see selected clips from Bruce’s first four films made while he was a youngster in China. We see clips from “The Little Dragon”, “The Bad Boy”, “Carnival” and “Orphan Sam”. Also included is the only scene Bruce ever did with his father. There are a few terrific cameos of Bruce behind the camera and casual. We also see scenes of Bruce’s funeral. This is a must see for any serious Bruce Lee aficionado. Thomas DiSanto

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