The Big Fight

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The plot for this Kung Fu Movie involves a Lei Tai competition held by the occupying World War II era Japanese Soldiers in order to cripple the local martial arts masters and thereby prevent them from joining the resistance.

Fans of this genre will recognize the plot line as standard anti-Japanese fare that portrays the the Japanese occupiers as total monsters who kill children and rape all women. What makes this film so enjoyable is the variety of weapons and martial arts styles that feature prominently throughout.

Weapons range from a scale mail cloak, to Japanese and Chinese swords, to knives and bayonets on rifles and numerous makeshift items (in one scene, the female lead uses a cloak lined with sharp discs as a weapon). Fighters include Japanese specialists in judo, karate and sumo wrestling who take on the local Shaolin elite.

The choreography is excellent and has a streak of realism built into it. The finale, and final tournament fills the last 30 minutes of the film and features some interesting contrasts in styles, pitting Chinese Boxers against judo, karate, and sumo stylists. Very cool Kung Fu Film. Thomas DiSanto

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  1. Eric Johnson Says:

    I remember this movie so long ago and I was trying to acquire it by looking it up by it’s other name “Blood on the Sun” Joost is one of the best sites and this proves it!

    Eric Johnson aka Tian Qi Lin