Ten Fingers of Death

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Also known as Master with Cracked Fingers, Jackie Chan portrays Hsiao Hu, an adopted martial arts obsessed youth who has been brought up by a sadistic foster dad and enjoys sparring with his foster sister Hsiao Lam, when he is not working for his Uncle Chiang at Chiang Kee Noodles.

Hsiao Hu does not know that his real Dad died absorbing the evil gang leader Lu Chi’s Leg of Doom so his foster father could get away and raise his son, Hsiao Hu.

Meanwhile, back at the noodle shop, a group of ruffians order a plethora of food, yet refuse to pay. Hu’s superior Kung Fu is shown as he destroys them in fighting.

The evil Lu Chi just happens to be their boss and this angers him immensely when he finds out. Hu’s foster dad is perturbed by Hu’s fighting and tortures him with excess work. At first it is just moving extra pails of water, but after another incident he is forced to put his hands into broken glass. Of course, Hu’s foster dad is only trying to prevent him from using his Kung Fu so he won’t be found out by the vengeful Lu Chi. In the end, all is revealed and Jackie Chan’s character takes his revenge. This Kung Fu Movie is a must see for all fans of Chan. Enjoy! Thomas DiSanto

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