Return of the Tiger

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Here’s a little gem you may have overlooked, starring the venerable Bruce Li and the wonderful Angela Mao. Loosely classified as a Bruceploitation film and once promoted as the sequel to “Exit The Dragon, Enter the Tiger”, though it has absolutely nothing in common with the former film. Return of the Tiger centers around a vicious narcotics smuggling operation in Bangkok that is controlled by rival American and Chinese interests.

Team America is headed by the menacing hulk of a bearded nightclub owner, played by Paul Smith. He’s one mean unstoppable bad motor finger, hell bent on maintaining his iron grip on the trade. His bitter rival is played by Tse-Chan who goes to elaborate lengths to to try and have Mr. Smith “eliminated.”

Enter Bruce Li and his lovely assistant Ms. Angela Mao: Bruce Li is an undercover narcotics agent playing a high stakes game by pitting one side against the other. Mao plays his dutiful, high kicking assistant.

Bruce Li turns in one of his best performances and seems at his best when he isn’t trying too hard to emulate Bruce Lee. Angela Mao plays more of a supporting role, but she is still astounding to watch. This Kung Fu classic, is well worth your time and I highly recommend it.

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