Shoguns Ninja

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Martial arts superstars Sonny Chiba and Hiroyuki Sanada stand on opposite sides of a battle over a hidden treasure in Shogun’s Ninja. Shiranui (Chiba) is a ruthless ninja leader who wants the fortune in gold held by the Momochi clan. In order to find it, he needs two daggers that point the way towards the money. To gain one of the daggers, he attacks the Momochi compound and slays its inhabitants.

Many years later, while Shiranui still searches for the treasure, Takamaru (Sanada), a deadly kung fu fighter, appears to challenge him. Takamaru holds the other dagger that Shiranui wants–and he wants revenge as the last surviving member of the Momochi! Shogun’s Ninja balances martial arts action with comedic scenes and the hypnotic presence of Sonny Chiba. Thomas DiSanto

8 Responses to “Shoguns Ninja”

  1. Sayyora Says:

    thank you! it is best kung fu movie

  2. Cracker Jack Kid Says:

    Awesome Kung Fu film! Gotta love that Sonny Chiba. He is seriously kick ass!

  3. hidden ganja fearless cali bear Says:

    this movie is dope

  4. vicente Roman jr Says:


  5. vicente Roman jr Says:

    play the movie

  6. Dwayne Says:

    Good movie. The music is very funny and it was also funny when that chick was swinging from the rope and got shot:)

  7. J Bombs Says:

    Great flick! Sonny rocks. Not a low budget movie even though there isn’t a damn thing wrong with low budget!

  8. Pheonix Says:

    This is a good one. I love Ninja Movies.