Shadow Ninja

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It is obvious that Shadow Ninja is not the original title of this film. The words Shadow Ninja are pasted over the original title grind-house style, and stay on the screen for an uncomfortably long time. I suspect that maybe ninja movies were doing better than kung fu movies at the time, since there isn’t a single ninja in this Hong Kong Special that I can find. Of course, being Shadow Ninjas, perhaps I just couldn’t see them.

As usual, many things are the same in all of these movies. Everyone wears slippers and is outdoors a lot (Wait a minute, I must amend that to say the hero in this movie wears and fights in western-style shoes at one point.) Every time a punch or kick is supposed to have landed, a loud “thwarp” will be heard, like two boards slamming together. The requisite streaming blood adorns the looser of each sequence.

The “plot” of this movie is a strange one; all fun and games and then suddenly the brutal stabbings begin. This sort of sweet-and-sour thing is not uncommon in these movies, but this one really hits the extremes in both directions. All of the humor is cheesy and over-the-top (like the dubbing), but occasionally made me smile. Other standouts include “White Norman” (who can really climb a wall) and the portable “naughty picture show,” a good idea if I ever saw one.

The hero has an aloof and easy smile, and seems relaxed even in the center of a fight. The thing is, if they had a decent script coupled with this kung fu, this movie would have been an absolute classic. As it is, the great fight choreography and execution. This movie kicks some ass. Thomas DiSanto

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  1. Madhanaya Says:

    Amazing stuff thanks! I love Kung Fu films! Shaolin Kung Fu and really any kind of Kung Fu fighting!