Enter The Ninja

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As B-movies go, this movie is hilarious and absolutely entertaining. If renegade macho posturing, over-the-top costuming and sound effects and the genuinely comic manners of flawless kills can easily coalesce into something transcendent for you; this camp martial arts flick will not be a waste of time.

After this movie, I got the sudden urge to slap on some “Brut” cologne, do squats and hold my breath until laughter prompted release…This is THE Ninja movie. All of the classic elements are here: smoke bombs, climbing claws, shurikens, villainy… you name it, it’s in there.

The movie opens with an excellent trial, where Cole must defeat legions of opposing ninjas (fellow students), then make it back to base and calmly recite the Nine Levels of Power in front of Master Komori. To this day I have a .wav file of the Nine Levels of Power… it is a cool scene.

The bulk of the movie is setting up the rivalry between Hasegawa and Cole. Hasegawa, being the evil, black-clad Ninja that he is, causes as much mayhem as possible, culminating in the killing of Cole’s buddy Frank. Cole, being the good white-clad Ninja, must now (of course) avenge his buddy’s death and face Hasegawa one-on-one.

I won’t tell you the outcome of the final battle, but I will say that it is a classic Ninja battle. You won’t be disappointed. Sure it is a silly movie, but you aren’t watching it for its screenplay, are you? You may never want to see it more than once, but Enter the Ninja is definitely worth seeing. Check it out! Thomas DiSanto

3 Responses to “Enter The Ninja”

  1. agustin Says:

    White people are not supposed to do ninja movies.

  2. agustin Says:

    White people suck ass at ninja movies….we needs to keep they asses out…

  3. Rob Says:

    Caucasian Ninjas, yeah . . .ok. LOL