Lone Wolf McQuade

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This movie ranks as one of the best Kung Fu action films of Chuck Norris career and was certainly the basis for his very successful series character Walker, Texas Ranger. With this movie we saw Chuck change from his old image of the blond, California boy to the dark haired, bearded, tough guy Chuck we know today. Chuck’s movies took on a slightly tougher edge from this film forward (i.e. Invasion USA, Code of Silence). And who can fault the addition of “grasshopper” himself David Carradine to the mix? A major casting coup for the film, Carradine camps it up as a drug smuggling, karate champ who taunts and ultimately tries to kill Texas Ranger McQuade. The dialogue and action are typical of the genre but for some reason this film stands the test of time like some of the John Wayne westerns of old. Chuck clearly wished to set himself in that “lone, lawman, hero” mold of Wayne with this film.

There is one shot in the opening sequence where McQuade walks into frame in silhouette with the sun behind him that is right out of the classic westerns of the 1950s. Robert Beltrane (of “Star Trek: Voyager” fame) does a nice, early career stint here as the hapless partner who spends his time nipping at McQuade’s heels, but who saves the day in some small way. Much like Tyne Daly did to Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry in “The Enforcer”. The movie also has a superb spaghetti western style score from Francesco Da Masi,veteran of dozens of Hercules type movies from the 1960s.

And you just can’t beat the final showdown between Carradine & Norris, which ranks right up there with Chuck’s other famous duel with Bruce Lee. It’s Kung Fu Cinema Gold. Thomas DiSanto

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