Kung Fu: Episode 10

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Jodie Foster guest stars! Caine gets caught up in a stage hold-up and an honest young girl thinks she sees him shoot a man. On her eyewitness testimony, he is sentenced to hang. In flashbacks the young Caine, who is sent on a mission with a 400 year old scroll, is tricked by a magician.

“‘Long ago Chuang Chou dreamed he was a butterfly. He was very joyful as a butterfly, well pleased with his lot, his aims fulfilled. He knew nothing of Chou the man. But shortly he awoke and found himself again to be Chuang Chou. And he could not tell whether as Chou he had dreamed he was a butterfly or whether as a butterfly he had dreamed he was Chou.'” – Young Caine reading from a “400 year old scroll.

This is too sad for words: David Carradine, you will be missed. Thomas DiSanto

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