Fists of Bruce Lee

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One of the many so-called posthumous Brucesploitation films starring the best of Bruce Lee’s Hong Kong created doppelgangers, the venerable Bruce Li. The seventies are in full force, my man, dig that crazy soundtrack and hip lingo.

How’s your master’s teeth?
Fine. He can eat porridge now.
And his liver?
(No answer. Kung Fu fight ensues.)

Right on! In this one an undercover cop is assigned to investigate a drug ring. He ends up facing off with the mob’s top martial arts assassin and it’s kill or be killed. With both men highly skilled at combat, a battle of epic proportions ensues. Only one will escape with his life.

Bruce Li has stated in interviews that he idolized Bruce Lee, and never felt right about the movie studios using him in Brucesploitation movies. But Bruce Li was very poor at the time, as were´╗┐ many others in Hong Kong in the 70’s, so he took those roles to feed his family, not to try and make people think he was the next best thing to the real Bruce Lee. For that reason, and the fact that Bruce Li was genuinely a good actor and martial artist, he is considered the best of the Bruce imitators, and a top notch Kung Fu Movie star in his own right. Thomas DiSanto

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