Return of the Street Fighter

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Posted On: January 5, 2009
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Director Shigeo Ozawa and Sonny Chiba did this sequel immediately after the first “Street Fighter”. The plot is almost identical to the original hit film as Sonny plays the same super kung fu bad ass street tough that does dirty jobs for the mob and does not seem to suffer from any ethical dilemmas. Misogyny, cruelty and ultra violence rule in this “shadow world”.

Return of the Street Fighter has many flashbacks from the first film and the action is plentiful as Sonny cuts a swath of ass kicking badness through the mean streets of Yakuza controlled Tokyo. The violence is shocking and extreme enough to secure the highest X rating (or NC-17) for its sheer carnal ferocity. This is one of the greatest martial arts films ever made and I highly recommend this film! Thomas DiSanto