Battle of Shaolin

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Posted On: July 2, 2009
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The talented Don Wong Tao stars as a wagon driver who is in love with a prostitute. He needs $120 bucks to buy her out of the brothel, so he decides to accept an offer to rob some silver. Now he has the “Three Scars Gang” after him including Phillip Ko Fei and Angela Mao Ying. Lo Lieh has a marvelous turn as a corrupt government official who also takes up the pursuit. Man Kong Lung and Wong Hap co-star.

This film is dark and moody, and chock full of great Kung Fu action. The fighting here is way above average, and Lo Lieh’s performance is one of his best. He even breaks out the “Flying Guillotine”: a chain with a handcuff type thing on the end that can lock onto a neck, arm or a leg. This classic Kung Fu Movie was written by the legendary martial arts screenwriter, I Kuang, who also wrote the “36th Chamber of Shaolin” (aka: ”Shaolin Master Killer”) and “Five Deadly Venoms”. This is a great Kung Fu film and a true classic, a ‘must see’ Kung Fu Movie and totally bad ass. Thomas DiSanto