Shaolin Iron Eagle

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Posted On: July 28, 2009
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This just might be on of the greatest Kung Fu Movies you’ve never heard of. The fighting is fast paced and well choreographed and that’s the main thing I look for, but in the immortal parlance of Gomer Pyle surprise, surprise the story is great too! The immortal Judy Lee, one of the world’s best female martial artists, is after 10 old men who covered up a crime they committed 10 years ago. Mix in a few stealthy assassins who wishes to frame her and prevent her from carrying out her long sought after duel for vengeance, and you have the makings of a great film.

Wong Tao and Ting Wa-chung play best friends and students of one of the 10 men Judy Lee is after. Judy Lee and Wong Tao are terrific but Wong Wing Sang really shines here. Most people will recognize him as the guy who uses a pole to fight Ghostfaced Killer, and he plays the Yoga master with expandable arms in Master of the Flying Guillotine. He has some awesome skills, and he gets plenty of chances to show them off in this Kung Fu classic. The final 10 minutes of this movie is pure awesomeness. Great Kung Fu fighting, and a well crafted story that significantly enhances the viewing experience. This is a damn good movie all the way through. Highly recommended for serious Kung Fu fans. Watch it now! Thomas DiSanto