Clan of the White Lotus

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Posted On: October 17, 2011
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This wonderful film serves as a loose sequel to 1977’s Executioners from Shaolin, but the film is technically more of a remake. I know what you’re thinking: How can they re-make a film 1 year after it’s release? Let me assure you: With Shaw Brothers Studios producing, Liu Chia Hiu (otherwise known as Gordon Liu ) starring, and Lo Lieh directing as well as portraying Pai Mei’s evil twin “Bai Mei” (the White Lotus), you can’t go wrong. This is one FANTASTIC Kung Fu Movie! We even get an incredible new entry into the pantheon of Kung Fu styles with the advent of the all new the “Acupuncture Kung Fu”.

clan of the white lotusIf you watch this film back to back with “Executioners from Shaolin”, you may get a little confused as the opening sequence is at odds with the ending of the “prequel. It begins with two Shaolin warriors fighting against the vicious “White brows” aka Pai Mei, in some burnt out ruins. By combining their respective tiger and crane styles, the two heroes defeat Pai Mei in an acrobatic display of martial arts prowess.

After Pai Mei is killed, his evil twin Bai Mai seeks revenge, managing to kill one of his brothers assailants. Gordon Liu’s character manages to escape with the sister of his comrade. From here we get into the traditional revenge plot, where Liu goes away to learn to combine the Tiger and Crane styles in preparation for another show down with evil Bai Mei. Liu fights his way into the White Lotus palace using his new Kung Fu combo, but Bai Mei has mastered the art of chi power and he’s able to use his Chi force to avoid blows.

Liu retreats to train some more to defeat Bai Mei. It is his slain companions sister that shows him her special technique of how to attack paper dummies without disturbing the air around them. “It’s a special woman’s style,” she tells him. She also forces him to babysit and learn to knit. Yet again, he sets off to do battle with the White Lotus Clan.

Will his crazy-quilt Kung Fu work, or will danger loom over his every move? Only Time (and acupuncture) will tell!