Fantasy Mission Force

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Posted On: August 25, 2009
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Sit back, relax and get prepared to be dumbfounded. Please…allow me to explain. What if I told you that Jackie Chan made a Kung Fu Movie that combined these stunning plot elements: Crazed Amazons. Ghosts who cheat at cards. Bouncing vampires. Japanese Nazis who attack riding atop 1970s clunker cars. Burlesque musical numbers. Abraham Lincoln as a World War II general. Gratuitous violence. Chinese guys dressed in kilts and Elvis jumpsuits, and, er, Jacky Chan and his pet chicken.

Yes this movie has it all. So…sit back, don’t try to think to much, smoke a fatty, crack open a beer and let this movie warp your sensibilities. DO NOT try to figure out what this movie is about. PLEASE. Viewing this film through the veil of contemplation will only BRING YOU PAIN. Trust me. This Film is for the select few who have the uncanny ability to appreciate the weird, the offbeat, the senseless and obscene. To those few: This just may be the GREATEST Kung Fu Movie ever made. Thomas DiSanto