Iron Monkey

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Posted On: April 19, 2009
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Iron Monkey is one of the best Kung Fu Movies ever made. This movie has it all! Brief synopsis: Iron is the son of a devout rebel leader, but prefers to spend his days gambling, drinking and getting into fist fights. When his father is arrested and executed, Iron is forced to flee and hide in the woods as a beggar and thief. After being taken in by a Shaolin monastery and trained in the art of Monkey-Style Kung Fu, Iron vows to hunt down his father’s killers and avenge his death.

Chin Kwan Tai’s cinematic portrayal of “Monkey Style” Kung Fu is considered to be one of the best displays of the art form ever captured on film. But it doesn’t stop there! Iron Monkey’s teacher the “Bitter Monk” is also phenomenal and a delight to watch as he has a certain mystical quality about him. Superb training sequences are shown in mastering the monkey style with the Bitter Monk.

Also the background music flows with the movie excellently. All the elements of a great Kung Fu Movie are here: A Shaolin Temple, Monks, great villains portrayed by a Master of the Eagle’s Claw style Kung Fu. The opening scene which shows the Monkey Fist and Eagle Claw techniques is top notch. Sound effects of the fighting scenes are also up to par.

Chin Kwan Tai seems tailored to play the role in this movie as Iron Monkey. Kung Fu dedication, words of wisdom and discipline are all theme’s throughout Iron Monkey. There is one scene in the movie where a Head monk in Shaolin Temple can sense the presence of revenge and anger in Iron Monkey just by looking deeply into his eyes; he knows its for revenge and tells him of “his bloody debt to settle”. Then and only then, he is told, can he be a monk in the Shaolin Temple.

Iron Monkey ranks right with director Chang Cheh’s “Kid with the Golden Arms” and “Unbeatable Dragon” as one of the best Kung Fu movies of all time. This movie is superb and a well regarded classic. A must see for all self respecting Kung Fu Fans! Thomas DiSanto