Mafia VS Ninja

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Posted On: August 19, 2009
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Usually there are those who enjoy bad horror movies and those that enjoy bad kung-fu movies and few movies can be enjoyed by both, but Mafia vs. Ninja is immensely watchable and laughable, even if you are amongst those that believe America has enough trash without foolish video distributors importing more. The movie is great because it takes the usual elements of the chop-suey genre and and makes them worse. For instance, the almost required anti-Japanese racism is present (the Chinese mafia are the good guys you see, sure they extort and allow gambling and prostitution, but they draw the line at opium unlike those godless Japanese mafia guys).

But not only do we get the anti-Japanese racism, we are treated to special bonus stereo-types in the form of a special all bad guy assassination team, including a black man (guess what kind of hair he has) and an Italian (guess where he has a scar?). The movie’s verve extends to the action where the normally unbelievable fight scenes are made even more so via film-reversals, insane editing, and (I kid you not) wires on jumping fighters and thrown knives. Then there are the contrived plot devices, I must admit my favorite part of the movie. Sure, other chop-suey movies might give you exploding fruit baskets (this one does), but can they claim to feature a hero who beats someone with a tree? Lots of flicks, chops, punches and of course that old staple feature invisible ninjas. This is raised into new level, when the Ninjas literally turn into bushes?

Mafia vs. Ninja could never be mistaken for a good movie, but it is a kind of bad that doesn’t take someone versed in ninja films to laugh at or enjoy. And for God’s sake people the American video release features a man with the name of Poon Hung prominently in the credits. I personally can’t think of a better reason to see a film. Thomas DiSanto