The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu

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Posted On: August 2, 2011
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The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu stars Meng Fei and Li Chung Chien as two anti-Qing rebels and kung fu fighters who frequently rescue damsels in distress. The action kicks off when thugs try to board a boat carrying a pretty lady and  the two heroes (who are fishing nearby) leap onto the boat and proceed to kick some ass. Based on this exploit, the two are later recruited to go after the evil “Dragon Gang”. This slim plot line serves as the perfect excuse to go on an ass kicking spree throughout the Chinese countryside.

The wonderful Wang Hsieh co-stars as a corrupt official and Sally Chen Sa Li play to perfection the icily beautiful female head of the Dragon Gang. With an artful flourish of classic Kung Fu camp, a Taoist monk uses his spells to turn a massive fighter (Cheng Fu Heng) into an unstoppable zombie warrior and the coffin maker’s daughter (Nancy Yen) joins in to helps out the two heroes by teaching them Dragon Fist. It all culminates in a series of superb high flying battles with the two chief villains.

The real surprise here is Li Chung Chien as Meng Fei’s partner. He’d earlier appeared with Meng in “The Invincible Kung Fu Trio” a lesser known Kung Fu film from the same director, Joe Law. Li’s technique and acting are spot on, and it is a shame that he didn’t make more films like this one. Enjoy!