Exit The Dragon, Enter The Tiger

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Posted On: October 7, 2011
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This is the original Bruceploitation classic and arguably the grand daddy of them all. This film encapsulates all things good and bad about the post-Bruce Hong Kong cinematic era.

Our story centers on a former disciple of Lee (the inimitable Bruce Li) who launches a private investigation in an attempt to determine the circumstance surrounding Bruce’s death, and ends up avenging the brutal death of his own girlfriend.

The investigation into the death of Lee by his pupil, and supposed successor, is paper thin leaning heavily on innuendo and conjecture. We never really find out why Bruce Lee was killed, but Lee’s real death provides the basis for a purely fictional plot about a drug smuggling ring that wishes to use martial arts stars as couriers.

The cinematography, editing and overall directing is excellent. It’s good film technically and what Li lacks in presence and charisma he more than makes up for with some tasty fight sequences.

All of the positive elements of the film come together at one moment in the final sequence when Bruce Li is fighting the drug kingpin (named “The Baron”) who unsheathes a sword-stick and slashes away at our hero. Li’s shirt is cut off and bare chested and bleeding, he looks just the image of Bruce Lee in a famous scene from Enter the Dragon…go figure.

Overall, a solid film and a must see movie for all you die hard Kung Fu fanatics! Enjoy!