Rumble in Hong Kong

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Posted On: May 24, 2009
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Let me be frank: This is not a great Jackie Chan film. This is not even a good Jackie Chan film. Although he portrays a bad guy, which is rare, and sports an odd looking mole on his face, this is no career defining moment. Considering my own personal cinematic proclivities, seeing Jackie with a hairy facial mole this is worth the price of admission (Admission? Hey…isn’t this movie free?).

Plot: Incriminating evidence against a gang is left in a cab, when a gang member dies while riding in it. The gang chases the innocent cab driver, who receives help from the dead gangster’s sister, a tough police woman.
Blah. If we look beyond the obvious, this is not a really bad film overall. The plot is fairly formulaic, but the action is passable and I for one really like Charlie Chin Hsiang-Lin, who does an excellent job in this film. He is the films saving grace.

As for Jackie Chan ; This is very early on in his career, in fact I think this may be one of the first times he’s not relegated to playing the “country bumpkin”. He was far from the international superstar he is today. But hey…WTF…guy’s gotta start somewhere, right? Worth a quick peruse just for the curiosity factor. Thomas DiSanto