The Eagle’s Killer

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Posted On: January 26, 2011
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In this classic martial arts film, Lo (Hwang Jang Lee) is a Kung Fu fighter who kills for money schooled in the powerful Eagle’s Claws style of fighting. Lo is hired to kill a man named Tai (John Chang), and Tai prepares himself by seeking out a Kung Fu master to teach him the Eagle Fist style so that he may combat Lo’s flesh shredding Eagle’s Claws.

John Chang assumes the typical “Kung Fu revenge movie” country bumpkin persona, who’s desperate to learn the arts. His first choice of Sifu turns out to be a real disappointment until he meets a beggar who saves him from some thugs. The beggar soon agrees to teach Tai all he knows. Hwang enters the fray as an evil Eagle Claw assassin when he is hired to take out Tai and the Beggar by the defeated thugs stuttering boss.

Lo kills the Beggar, leaving Tai to go head to head with him in an extended duel to the death. The final scenes feature some very fine Taekwondo style high kicking from Hwang Jang Lee. Hwang makes this film watchable and his style is fairly flawless. A must see for all Taekwondo connoisseurs. Thomas DiSanto