Bruce Lee’s Greatest Revenge

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Posted On: January 11, 2009
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This is one of the better Brucesploitation films. This one stars Bruce Le, not to be confused with Bruce Li or the progenitor of this sub-genre Bruce Lee. Bruce Le is no Bruce Lee but he has some of the vintage look, style, posturing, and moves.

Bruce Le’s Greatest Revenge is in many respects a remake of Bruce Lee’s The Chinese Connection (released as Fist of Fury in Europe). The setting is a China occupied and harassed by the Japanese; I’m sure this film is not a big seller in Japan because the Japanese characters in this film are merciless, greedy monsters.

Bruce Le plays a student at a martial arts school, who’s Master refuses to help budding Chinese revolutionaries learn Kung Fu in preparation for resisting the Japanese. Bruce, though, is not one to back down from a challenge, court cries of cowardice, or sit idly by while Chinese women are abused. His tendency to beat up a lot of the Japanese men and fighters he meets gets the Japanese hopping mad, brings the Chinese police force into the mix, and eventually sets the stage for your typical Bruce against the whole world ending.

To his chagrin, the Japanese have a couple of secret weapons on their side; a European who thinks this is all supposed to be about fencing and a fairly large Mongolian Andre the Giant wannabe. Are these a match for our hero? Probably not. Thomas DiSanto