Fighting Mad

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Posted On: January 12, 2009
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Blaxploitation meets Kung Fu Movie in this oddball hybrid revenge flick. As with all these kung fu movies from the 1970’s, you have to wonder why the bad guys always let the unarmed good guy get close enough to lop off their heads!

Our hero is double crossed by his partners on the way home from combat duty in Vietnam (via a quick drugs score) and ends up in the sea with a slashed throat. Hero washes up on a beach and is trained in the arts of killing Japanese style by two WWII soldiers still holding out on a Pacific island despite the war ending thirty years earlier.

When the opportunity arises, our hero returns to the now mean streets of Los Angeles and begins a one-man clean-up operation to rid the city of the organized crime scum who run the town. But then our hero’s wife and child are kidnapped by his former partners…and the killing begins. This classic revenge film is well worth your time! Thomas DiSanto