Eighteen Claws of Shaolin

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Posted On: September 15, 2009
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Eighteen Claws of Shaolin may not be up to the same standards as a classic Shaw Bros epic, but there’s an interesting blend of murder mystery and Martial Arts action that makes the movie worth watching. A white-maned powerhouse Lord goes off to duel with a swordsman rival and ends up being murdered. The Lord’s house, seeking revenge, hire an assassin to kill the rival swordsmen whom they believe is the killer. Along the way the assassin meets a woman and they both use their Kung Fu Fighting skills to kick the hell out of anyone who they think did the killing. Soon they begin to suspect that the man they have been hired to eliminate may not be the actual killer. The two then begin to question likely suspects and other rivals of the Lord, who may have been involved. The “18 claws” or “18 Arhats” are a side plot involving female assassin that eventually leads the pair to the real killer. This film has many fine elements, including great martial arts and a strong plot. Enjoy! Thomas DiSanto