Kung Fu

The discovery and development of Kung Fu has been attributed to the need for self-defense and military training in early China. Hand-to-hand combat and weapons practice were important in training ancient Chinese soldiers.

kung-fuAccording to legend, Kung Fu originated during the semi-mythical Xia Dynasty more than 4,000 years ago. It is said the Yellow Emperor Huangdi (legendary date of ascension 2698 BCE) introduced the earliest fighting systems to China. The Yellow Emperor is described as a famous general who, before becoming China’s leader, wrote lengthy treatises on medicine, astrology and Kung Fu.

Chinese martial arts, also referred to by the Mandarin Chinese term Wushu and popularly as Kung Fu, are a number of fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in China.

These fighting styles are often classified according to common traits, identified as “families”, “sects” or “schools” of martial arts. Examples of such traits include physical exercises involving animal mimicry, or training methods inspired by Chinese philosophies, religions and legends. The modern concepts of Wushu were fully developed by the Ming and Qing dynasties.