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50 Incredible, Hard to Find Kung Fu Movie Classics
in One Action-Packed Collection!


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For the first time, the legends of martial arts are gathered in the ultimate DVD collection that will provide countless hours of adrenaline-filled action.

Starring:  Sonny Chiba, Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Bruce Lee, Lo Yiu Fai, Chen Xing, Shek Hon, Sun-Kuan Rin-Feng, Chan Sheng, Yiu Tin-Lung, Wei Tzi Yung, Wong Lat Yung, Lee Van Cleef, Richard Harrison, Charles Lane, Bruce Li (Ho Chung Tao), Leon Isaac Kennedy, Carter Wong, Richard Lawson, Rod Perry, Hu Chin, Meng Fei, Ron Marchini, Michael Chan, Bruce Baron, Jeff Houston, Eric Lee, Bruce Leung Siu Lung, Dorian Tan, Roc Tien, Steve Tung Wai, Eric Yee

No Rating, 12-disc Box set: Only $19.99!

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The set includes these movies:
The Big Fight (Taiwan/Hong Kong-1972) – Roc Tien/Cheung Chin Chin
Black Cobra (Italy-1987) – Fred Williamson/Eva Grimaldi
Black Cobra 2 (Italy-1988) – Fred Williamson/Nicholas Hammond
Black Cobra 3 (Italy-1988) – Fred Williamson/Forry Smith
Black Fist (1975) – Richard Lawson/Dabney Coleman/Philip Michael Thomas
The Black Godfather (1974) – Rod Perry/Damu King
The Brave Lion (1977) – Wei Tzi Yung
Breakout From Oppression (1978) – Fonda Lynn/Alan Tam
Chase Step By Step (China-1982) – Chee Fung/Wong Gwan Sheong
City Ninja (1986) – Wai-Man Chan/Chia Che Fu
The Deadly Duo (Hong Kong-1971) – David Chiang/Chuen Chan
Death Machines (1976) – Ronald L. Marchini/Michael Chong
Death Of A Ninja (“Black Magic Wars”) (Japan-1982) – Hiroyuki Sanada/Sonny Chiba (in support)
Fighting Mad (“Death Force”) (USA/Philippines-1978) – Jayne Kennedy/Leon Isaac Kenndey (both minor roles)
Four Robbers (Hong Kong-1987) – Charlie Cho/Feng Ku
Four Shaolin Challengers (Homg Kong-1977) – Charlie Chan/Phillip Ko
The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu (Hong Kong-1981) – Sally Chen/Fei Meng
Hands Of Death (Hong Kong-1987) – Richard Harrison/Roc Tien
The Head Hunter (Hong Kong-1982) – Rosamund Kwan
Heroes of Shaolin Part 1 (Hong Kong-1979) – Sing Chen/Jang Lee Hwang
Heroes of Shaolin Part 2 (Hong Kong-1979) – Sing Chen/Jang Lee Hwang
Image Of Bruce Lee (1978) – Bruce Li/Chang Leih
The Impossible Kid (Philippines-1982) – Weng Weng
Infernal Street (Taiwan/Hong Kong-1973) – Feng Chang/Wan Hsi Chin
Karate Kids USA (“The Little Dragons”) (1980) – Charles Lane/Ann Sothern
Kung Fu Arts (Taiwan-1980) – Carter Wong/Sing Chen
Kung Fu Kids Break Away (Hong Kong-1980) – Au Dai/Cheung Hoi Fan
The Master (series): “Max” (TV-1984) – Lee Van Cleef/Timothy Van Patten/Sho Kosogi/Demi Moore (bit part)
The Master (series): “Out-Of-Time Step” (TV-1984) – Charles Collins/Dick Durock
Ninja Champion (Hong Kong-1985) – Bruce Baron/Pierre Tremblay
Ninja Death I (1987) – Alexander Lou/Fei Meng
Ninja Death II (1987) – Lo Yiu/Fei Ming
Ninja Death III (1987) – Lo Yui/Fei Ming
Ninja Empire (Hong Kong-1990) – Mike Abbott/Marko Ritchie
Ninja Heat (1988) – Chan Sheng/Chan Wai Mang
Ninja The Protector (Canada/Hong Kong-1986) – Richard Harrison/Jackie Chan
The Real Bruce Lee (Hong Kong-1973) – Bruce Lee/Bruce Li/Dragon Lee
Return Of The Kung Fu Dragon (Hong Kong-1976) – Sing Chen/Tao Chen
Return Of The Street Fighter (Japan-1974) – Sonny Chiba/Yôko Ichiji
Shadow Ninja (Hong Kong-1983) – Roy Chiao/Wei Tung
Shaolin Deadly Kicks (“Flash Legs”) (Hong Kong-1977) – Tao-liang Tan/Lieh Lo
Shaolin Temple (Hong Kong-1976) – Sheng Fu/Kuan-Chun Chi
Sister Street Fighter (Japan-1974) – Hiroshi Miyauchi/Sanae Ohba
Snake Fist Dynamo (Homg Kong-1984) – Erik Yee/Dick Lee
The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane (Hong Kong-1975) – Carter Wong/Nan Hsi Yen
Spirits Of Bruce Lee (Hong Kong-1973) – Michael Chan/Poon Lok
The Street Fighter (Japan-1974) – Sonny Chiba/Waichi Yamada
Tiger Love (1977) – Hu Chin/Lieh Lo/Ya Wang
T.N.T. Jackson (Philippines/USA-1975) – Jeannie Bell/Stan Shaw
The Weapons Of Death (1982) – Eric Lee/Bob Ramos